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We are improving healthcare delivery through successful management of digital transformation.



One perspective on the 5 domains of healthcare digitization.

At the center is always the patient and their safety. Around them, we build an entire digital ecosystem, which will be an efficient tool ready for even the biggest technological challenges, such as telemedicine, patient portals, and the utilization of artificial intelligence.


Digital transformation relies on innovations and efficient processes as key elements of success. Flexible strategies and current technological trends together shape the future of healthcare delivery.


The EHR – NIS system and application portfolio play a key role in the transformation. Proper organization optimizes efficiency and allows agile adaptation to new challenges and innovations. Along with integrations, they connect various components into a cohesive and efficient ecosystem.


In the field of healthcare, modern infrastructure and cloud technology represent a revolutionary combination. Cloud technologies contribute to efficient data management, enhance interoperability, and support rapid information exchange between healthcare systems. In this way, they provide flexible and innovative solutions for high-performance and reliable healthcare services.


Secure IT systems not only protect sensitive patient data but also provide a safe environment for innovations in healthcare. A secure digital ecosystem is essential for delivering reliable and secure healthcare.


Precise and reliable data management enhances the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, while also enabling rapid innovations in healthcare delivery. Data serves as a key driving force for creating intelligent and personalized solutions, both for the patient and the entire organization.

Our approach

1. Strategy and vision

Our team will thoroughly familiarize itself with your long-term vision of the desired state of organization functioning and subsequently determine how digital transformation fits into the overall facility strategy. Together, we will set expectations, measurable goals, and milestones.

2. As-Is analysis

We will assess the readiness and capacity of your organization for embracing digital transformation. We’ll determine your current standing in terms of existing software and technical infrastructure. We’ll then propose actions to prepare your facility for achieving the set goals.

3. Requirements catalogue and dependencies

We will engage with all key stakeholders (management, doctors, nurses, etc.). Through workshops, we will analyze the organization’s needs and subsequently prepare a clear summary that distinctly identifies and defines functional, software, and hardware requirements, as well as their interdependencies, and their connection to individual components and phases of the project.

4. Priorize and prepare IT strategy

Počas tejto fázy používame cost-benefit analýzu a iné metódy na prioritizáciu, aby sme sa sústredili na najvhodnejšie riešenie. Pragmaticky zhodnotíme hodnotu za peniaze a zameriame sa na dosiahnuteľné ciele.

5. Project plan and technical details

Once the IT strategy is prepared, our team will create technical specifications for each component of your setup to facilitate its procurement in the simplest and fastest way possible. Without the right components connected at the right level, this ecosystem won’t be able to function effectively.

6. Implementation

Our team will oversee the entire implementation from A to Z (from Ambulances to Emergency Services). Our extensive experience enables us to assist in creating and shaping a change management team, which is essential when introducing any significant digital initiatives. After deployment, our team remains committed to supporting the gradual rollout and adaptation of technologies into practice.


Our team

Ing. Jakub Jamnický, MPH

managing partner

  • He has been active in healthcare IT since 2003, bringing extensive experience in consolidating hospitals with technological debt.
  • As a guest lecturer at FIT STU BA, he lectures on Information Systems in Healthcare and is an expert in communication standards in medicine.
  • employed as the clinical IT director for Penta Hospitals International (SK/CZ/PL) for six years.
  • designed the IT concept for the Next Generation BORY Hospital and was a member of the project team from 2017 until the full deployment of all components into operation.


Stanislav Bunčák


  • studied finance and investment at Washington & Lee University in the United States.
  • With 10 years of experience in financial and project management in significant investment projects,
  • worked as a senior consultant for Ernst & Young and Accenture. He is actively involved in advisory for development projects in healthcare in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He holds certification as a CFE level 2 (Certified Financial Analyst) and PRINCE 2.

Ing. Fedor Lehocki, PhD., MPH


  • Affiliated with the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (FIIT) at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.
  • As a member of the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AIslovakIA)
  • Director of the National Center for Telemedicine. Additionally,
  • member of the international organization IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.
  • Acting as an independent expert, he contributed to the preparation of strategic documents in the eHealth sector and served as a team member for the implementation of telemedicine at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

Ing. Patrik Bóna

consultant/ analytic

  • He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Technical University of Košice.
  • infrastructure experience from enterprise client projects (over 15,000 employees) at DXC, 
  • certified UNIX expert by HPE.
  • Primarily involved in startup projects in Silicon Valley, USA (Memberful, Procore, etc.),
  • possesses extensive technical expertise in Digital Imaging in Medicine (DICOM) and HL7 at a scripting level.
  • TOGAF Architect.

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